The Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy is proud to host the only training course in the UK by the officially retired internationally acclaimed trainer in Hypnotherapy Norman Vaughton.

Norman only trains where he wants to and so you would have had to travel to Moscow, St Petersburg or Toulon to participate in this training in 2016 and 2017. Because of our 25-year professional acquaintance which has resulted in my booking Norman for AHH postgraduate workshops and for a presentation to the UK Hypnotherapy Association’s Conference, I have persuaded Norman to come to Manchester again in order to repeat this amazing training.


Learn Rossi with Norman Vaughton

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Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy

The Greenhouse
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The Use of Metaphors of Movement

This work was pioneered by Ernest Rossi who was a disciple and colleague of Milton Erickson. This method of working is based on the indirect and subtle approaches of Erickson but Rossi has developed the phenomenon of ideomotor and non-conscious movements in new, innovative and powerful ways.

Norman Vaughton has studied under Ernest Rossi and has worked with him for many years. Ernest Rossi once wrote to Norman “Please, Norman! Take all this over from me!” That was in October 1988. Norman Vaughton is now one of the foremost practitioners and teachers of these methods. He has taught widely throughout the United Kingdom, Russia, the Ukraine and North America on courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Norman is a wonderfully clear, lively and enthusiastic teacher. He makes the theory easy to grasp and his live demonstrations are always impressive and instructive. It is his aim that anyone attending this workshop should leave with the ability, confidence and competence to use the new skills in their own practice.

Ideodynamic therapy work uses the therapist’s ability to dissociate the client’s physical movements from conscious control. A person’s movements are not random or chance happenings, they carry meaning, and in that our movements are largely made unconsciously, this makes an easy and elegant window into the unconscious. This enables the client's movements to both express and monitor ongoing unconscious processes. Clean language is used so as to not pollute or influence the client’s processes with the therapist’s expectations or presuppositions. The technique is therefore extremely respectful and gentle, and yet very powerful in gaining information and insight and in effecting lasting and sometimes dramatic change. As practised by Norman, these approaches are very elegant and impressive. Change is always ecological and respectful of the client’s total being.

This workshop will not assume any previous experience or expertise. Beginners will have a full and clear introduction. The workshop is however also very much designed for those who are already familiar with these methods of working with the aim of extending their understanding, confidence and competence in Ideodynamic Work. The workshop will comprise of theory, demonstrations and practice sessions. It will be a stimulating and exciting experience to see real and therapeutic change happening before your eyes and to learn these powerful skills for your own use.


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The training venue is
The Greenhouse
Salford, Manchester
M50 2EQ
Contact AHH Principal Costa Lambrias for more information on: or call 0161 860 4797