- become a hypnotherapist -

Are you someone who naturally wants to help others and is interested in the psychology of the mind and the body?

Would you like to embark on a new and exciting career in a field that really interests you?

Perhaps you would love to have a job that gives you the opportunity of working part-time as a parent, or provides a better work/life balance. Or perhaps you have recently retired, but you are not quite ready for the golf course just yet? 


Complementary therapies are being turned to more and more frequently as people learn more about the mind-body connection and prefer to take a natural, holistic approach to their physical, emotional and psychological health.  There is a growing realisation that natural therapies are much more effective than some of the chemical routes offered by many GPs.


Why Hypnotherapy?


When compared to other therapies, especially the "talking therapies", Hypnotherapy has been described as "brief therapy" as it has the advantage of dialoguing with the client's subconscious mind, the part of every person that runs all their programs, including unwanted scripts, patterns and behaviours, phobias and fears, habits and addictions, etc., etc.  You will learn the skills required to converse with each client's subconscious in order to effect rapid change, usually within 2 to 3 sessions.


Why train with the academy of holistic hypnotherapy?


The Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy (AHH) offers a nationally recognised Diploma which is accredited by the Hypnotherapy Association, the largest independent organisation for practising hypnotherapists in the UK with over 400 members.

Graduates of the Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy (AHH) are eligible for membership of the Hypnotherapy Association and of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Our Diploma Course is absolutely brimming with proven techniques and modalities - some of which have been developed as original therapies by our Principal - that will give you the edge over most other hypnotherapists! You will be encouraged to practise what you learn on volunteers from Day One.

Please read ALL the Testimonials at the bottom of most Pages to gain more insights from past students into this Course - your likely experiences and the unexpected benefits to you personally and professionally!

What’s so Special about the DAHHyp Course?

(Tips from AHH Principal Costa Lambrias)

1(a) “I wish I’d seen your Course first” is a common remark made by students on other Hypnotherapy training Courses. Costa recalls: “One female client in 2017 was one of those making this comment when she’d sought me out as a practising hypnotherapist to help her with Weight Loss (2 sessions). She was surprised to discover that I would be recording her tailored sessions for her as this was frowned upon by her Hypnotherapy school’s trainers. I got her to ask them how many sessions her future clients for Weight Loss would require, they said 10! Clients would have to come back regularly to receive the same session again and again!”

Tip: Avoid Courses that don’t advocate the recording of hypnotherapy sessions for clients. Clients can play their one-to-one live sessions with you again at home on their smartphone or other device in order to reinforce positive suggestions and visualisations, or to continue processes without the increased financial burden of repeat sessions.

1(b) This Course is NOT a Theory / Research / History of Hypnosis biased Course. It is a Training Course and therefore extremely practical and pragmatic, and the Exam on the penultimate weekend reflects that.

2(a) Students love the personal development and spiritual aspects of the training and how applying therapy with Consciousness can be a massive factor in the success of your clients’ sessions. As early as Weekend One, Costa demonstrates how you can utilise this to bypass any client’s negative mindset.

2(b) Costa is the Author of Human Doing & Human Being - The Evolutionary Self-Help Guide to Achieving Your Life’s Outer & Inner Purpose NOW.

3 Costa is the UK’s Self-Esteem Doctor who pioneered Inner Child therapy in the UK in the early 1990s. His inner child therapy is not taught by any other schools! They may introduce you to their concept of “inner child” work but it won’t be the same as Costa’s inner child therapy which has been proven to reverse the effects of an abusive childhood and chronic low self-esteem - along with its attendant symptoms of inadequacy, inferiority, low self-worth, self-consciousness, pessimistic thinking, insecurities and anxieties, and general lack of confidence in relationships and in most areas of the sufferer’s life. Going through Costa’s inner child process enables clients to love themselves and become comfortable with and worthy of others’ compliments, appreciation and love; now ready to attract and enjoy relationships that are healthier for them, embrace challenges and reach better quality goals, and to feel at ease and happier in their own skin.

Yes, other Courses may teach you “ego-strengthening” / confidence boost plus self-esteem type processes, but if your clients suffer from chronic low self-esteem, the positive effects of those hypnotherapy sessions will be superficial or short-lived. On the AHH Diploma Course. Costa teaches ALL the accompanying Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Analysis sessions that will make you the world’s best trained Inner Child therapists - at his 2-day Inner Child therapy workshops for qualified hypnotherapists and psychotherapists in the UK, Australia and NZ, delegates only learn the Cognitive Analysis sessions and NONE of the other 5 Hypnotherapy sessions that precede and follow the Meet & Heal your Inner Child session. Would you like to be confident in healing your clients’ childhood, and gain a reputation as an expert in reversing chronic low self-esteem?

4 Costa is also the Creator of Time Line Realignment (TLR), an esoteric therapeutic process which is especially beneficial to inner child therapy clients and also to clients who find it difficult to move on from past incidents or events (“stuck” in the past) and/or those who cannot see a positive future.

5 Costa teaches with great wisdom and humour. So enjoyable are the classes that many students often comment at the end of a transformational weekend that they cannot wait for the next training weekend (usually 2 or 3 weeks later) - that’s because Costa is passionate about change work and about passing on his teachings, experience and learning to others who will be able to make positive changes in the quality of life of those who seek therapy. Costa hopes that throughout your 21 weeks together you will practise what you are taught in the Classroom with real life paying clients or volunteers - one of our 2018 students earned £930 and invaluable experience before graduating! Costa is available at all times during training and after Graduation to guide and mentor you.

Finally, unlike some Hypnotherapy figureheads, you will find Costa very approachable!

This is your first step towards a genuinely fulfilling and rewarding career as a professionally trained and qualified Hypnotherapist helping others to improve their quality of life.

Our comprehensive training package and personal approach receive glowing testimonials every year from our students.


“The course exceeded my expectations more than I could have imagined... Thank you for the opportunity to change my life, and the lives of others!
Lewis Thomas (Class of 2009)
“I had no idea of the quite staggering things I would experience on the course. The DAHHyp course is a thoroughly life-changing experience where the incredible power of hypnotherapy can be learnt and experienced in a relaxed and friendly teaching environment. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!
Chris Egginton (Class of 2010)
“Fantastic, mind blowing, supportive, great material and life changing - the course exceeded my expectations above and beyond. Being a confident person before the course it has added something to my general way of being that I can’t describe... I’m now comfortable in my own skin and believe in myself.

The course has made me realise that anything is possible. It has enhanced my quality of life and private practice.
Sharon Gallagher (Class of 2017)
“Suitable for both personal and/or professional development. Invaluable for anyone who wants to self develop, gain a better understanding and insight into what influences negative behaviour, and learn an amazing holistic therapy that can reverse those damaging patterns, improve the health and wellbeing of yourself and others.
Helen Benson (Class of 2012-1)

"I feel I value myself and can ask for what I'm worth. I also feel I can make a valuable contribution to the lives of others.  At 55, my true vocation begins now.

"A holistic and highly professional Course, presented with warmth, impeccability, humour, insight and Consciousness, acknowledging each individual as a unique soul on a remarkable journey."

Jane Reid (Class of 2012-2)