The tutors

Your two training tutors have over 55 years of collective experience in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Their varied backgrounds add different depths and elements to the AHH course. Their individual areas of expertise will take you on an exciting journey of personal development as a student, and as an individual.

Costa Lambrias


“One of the 10 leading hypnotherapists in Britain” is how the Independent on Sunday described Costa Lambrias.  After 20 years as a practising healer, Costa formally trained and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 1990.

For the past 28 years, Costa has devised his own unique therapeutic processes, working with clients under the banner Costa describes as “therapy with consciousness”. This entails the therapist having an appreciation of the human condition and each person’s potential to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Most importantly, it involves having an understanding of how trauma, abuse, and suppressed emotions impact not only on the mind, but also on the body.

Specialising in building confidence and self-esteem, Costa devised a unique therapy called Inner Child Therapy which centres around treating the difficult mental and emotional memories stored in both the conscious and unconscious mind from the early years and adolescence. He has used this therapy to transform the lives of hundreds of people and has taught and as the recognised pioneer in the early 1990s of Inner Child Therapy in the UK has been invited many times to train hypnotherapists and psychotherapists around the world to use his process.

Costa’s experience and reputation in hypnotherapy have gained him recognition in the UK and abroad. Costa has appeared on national and local TV and radio, and in newspapers and magazines. His expertise and enthusiasm for his subject matter have meant he is much in demand as a post-graduate tutor, regular workshop and seminar presenter at many UK hypnotherapy conferences, and as an international trainer.

Costa is the Co-Founder in 1997, former Chair and current Secretary of the UK’s Hypnotherapy Association. He is also the Author of Human Doing & Human Being - The Evolutionary Self-Help Guide to Achieving Your Life's Outer & Inner Purpose NOW.

Costa is passionate about Consciousness and therefore you will experience a leap and growth in your spiritual awareness that will not only benefit you and the inner purpose to your life but also those who interact with you personally and professionally. As one graduate succinctly put it:  "I defy anyone not to change."

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Susan Leigh

MNCH (Acc), MISM, MHA (Reg Hyp), ACH (Qual) 

Susan is an accredited Member of the Stress Management Society, Member of the Hypnotherapy Association and a Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (Accredited). She is a highly respected counsellor and hypnotherapist and a long established contributor to national and local BBC radio, discussing topics as diverse as dreams, abuse and has been the “Agony Aunt” to listeners who phone the radio station. Apart from being a regular contributor to local and national BBC radio stations, including Radio 5 Live, Susan has also appeared regularly on national television such as BBC Breakfast. Susan also writes regularly for many local, national and international websites, including The Huffington Post, as well as for several business, women's and fitness magazines.

Susan has been helping individuals, couples and businesses since 1988 when she set up Lifestyle Therapy with her husband. After being widowed at the age of 39, Susan took over the practice full time. 

Prior to working as a counsellor and hypnotherapist, Susan worked for many years with a blue chip company and has experienced the stresses of balancing a corporate and personal life. She works with individuals, helping them cope better with stress and the pressures of daily life; with couples to provide relationship counselling and improve communications; and in business to provide support to management, staff members and teams. She specialises in treating women with unexplained infertility and also with managing the experience of childbirth.

Susan has written two books: Dealing with Death, Coping with the Pain and Dealing with Stress, Managing its Impact.

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judith marples


Judith is a Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapist and an NLP Master Practitioner and trainer who is accredited as a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and a Principal Practitioner of the Association of Business Psychologists. She has worked in both the public and private sector and has over 30 years of experience helping and supporting people through life’s challenges. In 2014, whilst working at Bradford College, she and her team reached the final three in the Association of Business Psychologists business awards in two categories, Excellence in Training and Excellence in Wellbeing.

It was also in 2014 that Judith expanded her knowledge and augmented her skills by enrolling and graduating in the Academy's DAHHyp Course. Believing that a mind-body connection is key to both physical and emotional health and wellbeing, Judith is one of two Directors at SuccesseMy, a company that provides access to holistic therapies including hypnotherapy, mindfulness and NLP, for people suffering from stress who are time poor and who mostly put their own personal wellbeing at the bottom of their list of “things to do”.

With proven presentation and interpersonal skills , Judith has a natural ability to connect with an audience when coaching or teaching, as well as with clients in one-to-one sessions. The Academy is extremely proud to appoint Judith as our new Student Liaison Officer to ensure that any students’ queries are resolved.

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“Your style of training instils confidence from the very beginning, the interactive element makes it a far more powerful learning experience, and as trainers you have helped me massively to build my confidence and believe in myself both on a personal level and as a newly qualified hypnotherapist. (How DID you do that?!)
Carryl G. Jones (Class of 2012-2)
“Very caring and committed trainers who are both welcoming and reassuring. Exceptional value in terms of learning about oneself. This course excels other courses as it includes the holistic and spiritual aspects.
Julie Brown (Class of 2008)
“I enjoyed seeing two different approaches to hypnotherapy and the laid back feel to the Course. I am a calmer person and more confident. The course met my expectations for the Hypnotherapy but exceeded what I feel I have gained spiritually.
Gareth Roberts (Class of 2007)
“What I particularly liked about the AHH Diploma Course were:

- the varied content
- fantastic techniques that work
- supportive group
- you! There’s no-one quite like Costa! You have an amazing voice too!
Samantha Chater (Class of 2017)