Course content

The course provides a comprehensive training in all areas of hypnotherapy and the therapeutic process.  Whilst aimed at complete beginners, the course covers topics that would normally only be covered in advanced training courses.

History & Definitions: Hypnosis, Hypnotism, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic HypnotherapyThe Mind-Body-Soul Connection: Psycho-SomaThe Mind – Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious
“Therapy with Consciousness!” and the role of Consciousness in TherapyInductions – Slow and fastThe Signs of Hypnosis
Self-HypnosisThe Initial ConsultationStructuring the Therapy – structure of sessions
Protocols, Boundaries, TransferenceProtectionContra-indications
AbreactionsWhen to referEstablishing Rapport – Mirroring, Pacing, Leading
Recording the SessionThe Use of MusicTalking to the Subconscious – Use of Voice, Tonal & Spatial
Positive PhrasingPre-Conditioning – Seeding for SuccessFalse Memory Syndrome
The Importance of Clean Hypnotic LanguageConfidence Boost, Ego-StrengtheningSelf-Esteem Issues – Diagnostic Tools
Cognitive AnalysisNegative ConditioningAbuse
StressThe Emotional Release and De-Stress ProcessReframing
Naturalistic InductionsMetaphorsTherapeutic Stories
Ericksonian TechniquesUtilising Ideomotor Responses (IMRs)Rossi Technique
Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)The Representational Systems (VAKOG)Eye Accessing Cues
Parking and AnchoringFast Phobia CureRecommended Reading List
Secondary GainsPartsPersonal Development and Self-Work
AffirmationsVisualisationPost-Hypnotic Suggestions
Negative Self-beliefsAnxiety and DepressionFears, Phobias, Obsessions (OCD)
Panic AttacksRegression TechniquesWorking with Children
IVFPregnancy & ChildbirthPerformance Problems - Sports, Sexual, Social & Formal
Nail-BitingSmoking CessationWeight Loss
AddictionsSkin Problems (Eczema, Psoriasis)Insomnia
Eating Disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa)Old & New Technology ConsiderationsIrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Pain ControlThe Importance of Good Self-EsteemInner Child Therapy (2 day Workshop)
The Self-Esteem sessionGoals / Final SessionHealing with Hypnotherapy
Time Line Realignment (TLR)Grief and BereavementFalling out of love (FOOL)
Cutting the Ties that BindEntity Check & Spirit Releasement TherapySoul Fragmentation
Introduction to Soul Retrieval TherapyPast Life Therapy (2 day Workshop)Professional Insurance
Code of Conduct, Standards & EthicsCourse Assessment, Revision, and the ExamThe Therapy Room
Advertising and Marketing Your PracticeSupport & SupervisionContinuing Professional Development (CPD)

Because we seek to improve our offerings to both clients and students, the Academy reserves the right to  alter the content of our Curriculum at any time.

“Priceless, life-changing, mind-blowing, unique. There is no course like this that also addresses spiritual issues. This course will touch your heart in more ways than you ever thought possible. I had absolutely no idea that this course would and has changed my life. This course went above and beyond what I expected.
Tracy Brannon (Class of 2014)
“This course is for those interested, in both a professional and personal level, in Hypnotherapy. It will give you the skills to feel confident in delivering varying therapeutic sessions for a wide variety of issues/problems, and also give you the valuable tools to develop your “self”. I have really enjoyed this course and especially the personal teachings from Costa and Susan (words of wisdom!).
Claire Shaw (Class of 2014)
“The procedures for each (client) session were thorough and detailed, and a very practical approach, so could easily be followed and used in training. practice and with clients. The level of detail in all aspects of Hypnotherapy, working with clients and business practice was unexpected, but well done and appreciated.
Valentia Lithryn (Class of 2017)
“I particularly liked:

- the Practicals / demonstrations
- excellent handouts
- the mix of clinical / spiritual / holistic approach
- getting to know everyone in the group
- the conviviality

I’m an idealist / perfectionist trying to NOT have expectations. Subconsciously, I knew the Course would shift stuff - I didn’t expect the shifts to be so massive! Consciously, I hoped it would give me new tools to use and in this respect the course exceeded my expectations. A mind, body, soul blower! You have only your phobias to lose! It reaches the parts other courses can’t reach...
Prof. Karen Edis (Class of 2010)